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Buy high power (high power) powerful laser pointer blue is very dangerous eye.
Although not directly visible, even reflected light from an unexpected object can be severely damaged or dangerous to others.

How do I use high-powered lasers, professional engineers and others to protect their eyes?

In such a scene, it is "the minimum price for laser light protection glasses".
To teach astronomical observations, a 100mW laser pointer is needed.
I think the spirit of the questioners who want to be interested in astronomical observations is very good. Teachers should be interested in the nature and things around us, and deepen our knowledge and desire for our children. Although it's not the subject, I admire the way the questioner ACTS as a teacher, so I first give my opinion. Although it is a 100mw laser pointer, there is no problem with owning and using it. For the human eye, high power high power laser pens are the best and worst weapons.
So I believe that super laser Pointers and things like identifying a color are good.

To do this, use a webcam or camera module screen, no matter in which position on the screen can be green laser modification I want to make a camera, determine whether there is a camera, but I don't know to use what kind of things.

Since the green light is straight, I want to show that its orbit is like smoke. I don't need it
Heat lamp or special function, but you can use laser pen hiking or outdoor activities. Higher power laser Pointers are bright enough to hide and camp life to help them stay away from large wildlife. In this case, the recommendation of a laser designator survival tools can be used as a more convenient, because it can be used as an emergency signal, looks like an extreme distance of aircraft and other parties.
In addition, they may be useful in medical research in the fields of photonics, chemistry and physics. The laser pointer can be moderate to improve laser treatment or acupuncture. Teaching lasers is an unnecessary astronomical observation.
Even with a tenth fist, a fist is practical enough.
I don't think it's a leader to teach astronomical observations without a green laser pointer that prohibits sales.

Ultra high power blu-ray laser pointer 3000MW can fire cigarette, match, fireworks, paper, etc., instantly ignite, construction and building, or the power of the match! The moment is the scene of disaster relief, the possibility of tobacco. 5 star cap installation, protective glasses, 2 * 16340 lithium ion battery, with charger! Instant ignition, match, easy to burn tobacco.

445nm Blue 2Watt Laser

With the power of convenience, high performance, luxury, super portability, high power 1000mw focus adjustable super powerful laser pointer. Focus adjustable, adjustable green laser, exquisite design, shiny silver appearance, feel good, very gorgeous. Adopt the green laser pointer, the brightness is very high. Industry useful tools in the field of science. When you adjust the outdoors, tobacco use, a lighted match, the focus of firecrackers green laser pointer, to blow up the airship, the stars watch, you can use the birds to fend off such a broad range of applications, such as crows and pigeons.

What the hell are you buy the high powerful laser pointer?
Of course, I can't use it to introduce, not careful, even into people's eyes, this will be a damage situation... You know what? In overseas, the sky safety threatened by high power laser pointer, has developed into a social problem. In overseas, the high power laser radiation events occur repeatedly to planes and helicopters. Clicca qui Clicca qui
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