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Finally, Sexy Lingerie for <strong><a href="" title="silk slip lingerie">silk slip lingerie</a></strong> Bigger Bra Sizes—This Baby-Doll Is Available in a J-Cup, Ladies!

PinterestThe <strong><a href="" title="cheap online lingerie stores">cheap online lingerie stores</a></strong> moment I first laid eyes on this underwired, cup-sized baby-doll—made by one of my favorite bra brands, Cleo by Panache, and available in up to a J-cup—it was like seeing the Loch Ness monster, meeting Madonna, and all my lifes Christmases rolled into one.

Because, lets face it, while bra <strong><a href="" title="high quality lingerie">high quality lingerie</a></strong> makers have gotten wise to the needs of fuller-busted women, finding actual sexy lingerie thats supportive and fits—not some droopy-cupped negligee or sporty, utilitarian shelf-bra cotton tops—well, it just never happens. Until now.

I had stopped by Intimacys <strong><a href="" title="best online lingerie">best online lingerie</a></strong> newly renovated 90th Street boutique—the famous New York City flagship of Oprahs own bra-whisperer, Susan Nethero—to have an annual fitting (ladies, as time goes by, your boobs change sizes, so make sure you get fitted regularly!) when my brilliant fitter Angela whipped this out of nowhere.

The first of its kind and the only bra-sized nightwear/loungewear piece currently available in stores from this Cleo by Panache collection, the Marcie baby-doll is ultra supportive, super light, and totally nonclingy (in the tummy region, if you know what I mean). If youve been looking for something beautiful to spice up your evenings—and your cup size is DD+—well, this is it.

PinterestCleo by Panaches Marcie underwire baby-doll is $75 and available in the U.S. at Intimacy stores.

Have you always struggled to find sexy lingerie that fits you? Tell us your troubles—and if youve tried Cleo by Panaches Marcie baby-doll!—and maybe we can help you find a solution.
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